Congratulations to 15 crews selected for the STORYHIVE Summer Crew program!

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We are thrilled to announce that TELUS STORYHIVE has selected 15 crews from across B.C. and Alberta for the second Summer Crew program

The selected crews will be receiving $14,000 in microgrants per crew member, plus equipment and ongoing support to showcase their community this summer. 

Join us in congratulating the selected crews! 


  • Shenali Weera and Andrea Junior 

  • Aleesha Houston and Julianna Withey 

  • Nicolas Martinez and Benjamin Jones 

  • Rebecca Rooney and Braden Kadlun 

  • Daniel J Perryman and Brent Clark 

  • Alex Alphonse and Shola Badewa 

  • Bridgette Boyko and Rachelle Sajim 


  • Cazimi Loro and Jamal Hamadeh 

  • Tiara Adams and Zara Durrani 

  • Jesse Faubert and Nikki Summer 

  • Ryan Hook and Cam Welch 

  • Renee Braun and Wendy McAlpine 

  • Karmen Janke and Bowen O'Brien

  • Ze Helios and Jeff Gruending 

  • Emma Djwa and Michael Lightfoot 

Your City, Your Coverage. Look out for these community livestreams coming to TELUS Optik TV Channel 9, Vidflex and online platforms this summer. 

Posted onApr 12, 2023
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