Celebrating International Women’s Day

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In Love With A Problem
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In the spirit of International Women's Day, TELUS Local Content recognizes and celebrates the immense contributions of women in the film and creative industry. 

At TELUS Local Content, we're committed to fostering gender parity in the content we fund and make available on our platforms. Whether it’s TELUS original documentaries or STORYHIVE program funded projects, our team always makes sure to spotlight and include women in all productions.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we have a plethora of content on our channels that either centres women’s stories or is created by a woman - or both!

Explore the 6 titles below and more on TELUS Optik TV channel 707 and STORYHIVE’s YouTube channel

Her Love of Sports - Season 3  | STORYHIVE Voices 

Professional soccer coach and sports reporter Katie Hamilton digs deep into the stories and success of women in sports.

In Love with a Problem | STORYHIVE Editions 

In Love With A Problem is a documentary that profiles two best friends, who as young Canadian female Scientists discover a plastic-eating bacteria in the Fraser River that could solve the plastic pollution epidemic.

Women Lead Through Adversity | STORYHIVE Editions 

Vernon, British Columbia resident profiles a group of extraordinary women ages 15-73 who led through adversity and were resilient despite all hardships and challenges, including a world-wide pandemic.

Out There - a five-part series | TELUS originals

Check out the four incredible young women featured in this series!

Nisihkason Lex - As an activist and a member of the Sucker Creek First Nation, Alexa has advocated for Indigenous rights issues her whole life. Now through her Digital Voices project, she is helping youth talk openly about hardship.

Stand Here - At 10 years old she begged her dad to take her to see a Flaming Lips concert. Fast forward 3 years and Nell Smith has now recorded 9 songs with the band. From mega fan to collaborator all before hitting high school.

I Contain Multitudes - At 16, Grace is a triple threat. She sings, plays piano concertos, and has won a major honour at the international speech arts competition at Carnegie Hall in New York City. The greatest challenge now is to figure out how to do life.

A young woman from Fort McMurray, Alberta, entered a global competition for students to inspire creative thinking about science and won. Maryam Tsegaye reflects on her family, community and sense of self, before leaving home to start a new life.


Overtime | TELUS originals

Overtime follows Kelley Lee, a 60-year-old Chinese-Canadian hockey player, as she gears up to join the Team BC women’s hockey squad for the Canada 55 Plus Games in Kamloops, British Columbia. Amidst the celebration of her unwavering passion for the sport, this story delves deep into Kelley's remarkable journey as an underdog, showcasing her relentless determination to pursue her dreams against all odds.


Our Time to be Kind | TELUS originals

Our Time to Be Kind is a behind the scenes look at Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and her team as they lead British Columbia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The film explores the power of sensitivity and vulnerability in leadership and is a meditation on the complexity and pressure of being thrust into the spotlight while working in public health. It looks at our path forward and offers that out of the destruction caused by the virus, there is an opportunity for positive change.


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Posted onMar 08, 2024
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