5 Takeaways from the Content Creator Chat: Kids' Content & Canada's Media Landscape

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On March 12, TELUS STORYHIVE and TELUS Wise collaborated to host a conversation with digital content creators from the STORYHIVE Voices program. These storytellers have dedicated themselves to producing educational, safe and entertaining content tailored for children and youth. 

The event, moderated by Amanda Lee, Senior Program Manager of TELUS Wise, provided insights into the creative process and the importance of digital literacy in today's online landscape.

The panel featured Anne Mueller from Cooking with Kyssara; Martha Livingstone of Music with Martha Messmaker; Marty Chan representing Word Wizards and Mitchell George from The Film Labs

Each panelist brought their own unique perspective to the table, emphasizing the significance of storytelling and authenticity in their work.

Here are our five key takeaways from the event care of our content creators.

1. Purposeful Storytelling Matters 

Mitchell George emphasized the importance of creating content with a purpose. 

“Everyone has a story and we have the right to tell stories and experience them. I believe that we need to create content that serves a purpose and for me, that’s education to bring value to what we’re making and have a long lasting impact.” 

2. Authenticity is Key

Martha Livingstone highlighted the importance of authenticity in content creation. 

“Start with something that you’re very passionate about. When you start there, your ideas will just flow. It will be a natural progression."

3. Engage with Your Audience 

Anne Mueller stressed the value of engaging with the audience, especially children. 

“Just talking to children and asking what they enjoy watching, what stories they like, getting as much feedback as possible, seeing what they’re reading, what they respond to in classrooms, and coming up with an original idea based on their feedback. If they’re going to be the audience, it’s very important to have their voice included.”.

4. Thorough Research Matters

Marty Chan emphasized the need for thorough research to ensure that the content stands out and resonates with the creator's unique voice. 

“Do your research. You want to see what else is being done out there so you’re not replicating it. If you have an idea that’s similar, you have to figure out what your voice is and how the topic is  unique to you. What makes a project truly unique is your voice and your passion. You will find your audience.” 

5. Bridge Generational Gaps

Marty also envisioned content that bridges generational gaps, catering to both children and their parents. 

“We all start when we’re young. If you don’t have stuff for kids, what are they going to do? It would be cool to have more material that ‘s appropriate for kids, but that also brings in their parents. Something that could hit different generations so that everyone can enjoy themselves. If we have more material like that, it allows the family unit to be watching together, but it also encourages conversations between parents.”

The conversation between TELUS STORYHIVE, TELUS Wise and the panelists emphasized the power of storytelling and the importance of digital literacy in shaping a safer and more educational online landscape for children and youth. As content creators continue to innovate and engage with their audiences, they play a vital role in shaping the future of digital content and empowering the next generation.

You can now watch the whole conversation on TELUS Optik TV channel 9 and channel 611 (the Kids’ Learning Corner) or online at the STORYHIVE YouTube channel.

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Posted onMar 26, 2024
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