10 Local Content films and series to watch this Asian Heritage Month

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We're celebrating the beginning of Asian Heritage Month by watching local content filmed across British Columbia and Alberta that reflects the voices, stories and experiences of Asian Canadians locally. 

We have a plethora of content on our channels from STORYHIVE and TELUS originals that center on Asian voices and stories. Here are a few of our favourite titles, available to watch now on TELUS Optik TV Channel 707 and YouTube channels. 

“Bhangra City” | STORYHIVE

Bubbling under the surface of Vancouver's expensive real estate is a vibrant Punjabi music scene. Bhangra City addresses the factors that keep this scene hidden and the broader lack of diversity in North America. 

“Clash on Keefer” | TELUS originals

Clash on Keefer chronicles the events surrounding the protests generated by the proposed redevelopment of an empty lot at 105 Keefer Street, located at the heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown.

“Force 136: Chinese Canadian Heroes” | TELUS originals

In 1944, approx. 150 Chinese Canadians were recruited and dropped behind Japanese enemy lines. We meet the surviving soldiers to hear how they fought for our country even while they were denied the full rights of Canadian citizens.

“Ginger Beef” | STORYHIVE

When her best friend ditches her on their first day of tenth grade, a quirky Canadian-born Chinese teen must try to fit into her VERY white school—all by herself.

“Gold Mountain: The True Story of the BC Gold Rush” | TELUS originals

In the late 1800s, before Canada was even a country, an influx of Chinese immigrants came to the B.C. region in search of gold. What they found instead would build communities and pathways for future Chinese-Canadians.

“Hayashi Studio” | STORYHIVE 

Who is missing in our history? Hayashi Studio investigates the hidden history of BC, as documented by a Japanese photographer, Senjiro Hayashi.


Mother (Mẹ) and chef Ly creates a new dish for the family restaurant which has been reimagined by her children in carrying on the family legacy.

“Punjabi Pioneers of Alberta” | STORYHIVE

Enigmatic Host Sunny Sidhu explores the little known history of Punjabi Pioneers like Sohan Singh Bhullar and Harnam Singh Hari, both of which settled in Alberta, Canada in the early 1900s.

“The Filipinx Artist Experience” | STORYHIVE 

In the midst of COVID-19 and the latest wave of the BLM movement, fellow Filipinx-Calgarian artists discuss how critical their contributions and engagement is in changing the state of the world.

“Views From Chinatown Ep. 1” | STORYHIVE 

Raymond Lau’s family owns Golden Inn, one of the oldest restaurants in Calgary’s Chinatown. Growing up in Chinatown, he speaks about how the community has evolved and adapted to overcome challenges.

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Posted onMay 01, 2023
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